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This is a version of gm-comments.cgi for GM v1.3 that includes a number of anti-spam hacks. I'm looking for testers for these hacks. I've been running them for a while on GM 1.21d but I wanted to get them working on 1.3.

The functions are:

  1. Comment Throttling - Exponential back-off to prevent a user on a given IP (or using the same url) from posting too frequently in succession.
  2. Link checking - Checks for links in the body of the comment and if more than a set number is exceeded, the comment is rejected.
  3. Black List - Basically MT-Blacklist for Greymatter. It uses the regexp's listed in the file gm-blacklist.cgi to detect suspect content. I currently use the MT-Blacklist list: by just copying that file to gm-blacklist.cgi

All these hacks currently use hard-coded parameters, embedded in the perl source. If you want to change the throttling timers, the maximum number of links allowed, or enable/disable any of these specific checks, you'll have to modify the perl source. They really should use their own parameters in the gm-config.cgi settings but I didn't feel comfortable messing with the gm.cgi script to accomplish this.

For the throttling, you'll need to create a gm-throttle.cgi file and CHMOD it to 666 in your GM CGI directory.

Download here: