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These are some notes about Via EPIA Mini-ITX systems

Suse 9.0

Suse 9.0 Linux installed without incident from DVD to an M10000 EPIA motherboard. This is the "Nehemiah" CPU which seems to offer better compatibility than earlier Via Mini-ITX CPUs.


FreeBSD? 4.9 installed from CD without any problems. The distro CD Xfree86 didn't appear to have obvious drivers for the M10000, but I suspect a driver could be found, but I was not concerned about getting Xfree86 to work for my purposes. Text mode worked. It detected and used the on-board ethernet fine and seemed to detect the USB and PC-CARD interfaces too. Not sure if it could use the CF card of 1394 firewire.

Travla C138 case

I built a system using the Travla C138 case. It is the smallest case I could find that provides support for a PCI card. The system I built is shown in the photo above. It includes the following:

All this is crammed into the little 8x8x4 C138 box, along with a PCI card.

Below are some links to photos of the inside of the case and the assembly process:

Installation of the PCI card. If you don't requuire a PCI card, you can fit a 3.5" drive in to the case:

A laptop drive has to be used if you need room for a PCI card:

This photo shows installing from a full-size DVD/CD drive. This cannot be installed in the case and is just being used for the installation: