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The Sprint PCS Vision data service supports the Growell CF2031 Compact Flash (CF) card. The device fits into a Compact Flash Type II PC Card slot such as found on the Zaurus. It also comes with PC Card Adapter for use in a laptop.

Spencer produced a Zaurus driver for the modem. He graciously provided a pre-release version in October 2003 that I used with success and that he allowed me to post. The real version is now available at Zaurus Software Index:

Below are some screen shots of Zaurus software in use:

The CF2031 comes with an external battery pack for use with PDA devices. The manual states, very clearly:

When using the PCS Connection Card with a Pocket PC, the Battery Pack must be used to prevent fatal damage to the Pocket PC.

The battery pack is pictured below. It mounts on the back of the CF card and hangs behind the Zaurus (making it fatter than normal, as can be seen in the photo of the Zaurus above).

Below are some more photos of the Zaurus with the Sprint CF2031 and battery pack inserted:

So far, the card has worked okay. In fact, it has worked better in the Zaurus than it worked (for me) in a Windows laptop (better performance). The external battery is a little bit of a hassle, but should mean the Zaurus battery life will not be affected by using the data modem.


The Sprint service is a bit expensive. I'm on the minimum plan, $50 per month (month-to-month with no commitment). The unlimited plan is $80 per month I believe.


My experience so far on the Zaurus has been quite good, much better than my experience with the Sprint service using a windows Laptop PC. I'll compile some more specific details and post here.