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note: This howto is copied from [EmacsWiki HowTo] with minor modifications.

A wiki is a collaborative web site. Anybody can contribute. Every page has a link at the bottom that allows you to edit it. A good place to create your first page is CategoryHomepage.

Text Formatting Rules

Use the SandBox page to test the wiki!

The most important rules are very simple:


Lists, tables, indented paragraphs:


Horizontal line:

Source code:

Traditional wiki markup is also supported:

''two apostrophs''
'''three apostrophs'''

Some HTML tags are also allowed.

Emphasis (usually italics)
Strong (usually bold)
Teletype (usually monospaced)

The following tags have special effects:

disable text formatting rules
monospaced font, disable text formatting rules
monospaced fonts, no line wrapping, disable text formatting rules

Remove Mail Addresses

Remove email adresses from any material you post and transform the original name into a link to their homepage on this wiki. If people want to reveal their email addresses on their homepage, fine.

Remove email addresses even if you are copying an interesting article from a newsgroup. Remove email addresses even from source code comments. Provide enough headers such that interested parties can use search engines such as to determine the email address of the original address (I suggest the name of the author, subject, newsgroups, and date).

Leave email addresses for mailing lists.

Creating New Pages

Naming New Pages

Here's some help for choosing page names:

Add Tags to Indicate Things that Need Fixing

If you find that something is wrong, incomplete, or otherwise in need of a tweak, you may want to add a FIXME tag in your comment, so that others will notice that there's something there that needs fixing. There's a canned search on the FrontPage where you can find all pages which contain this text.

Please don't remove a FIXME comment unless you are actually fixing the problem it describes. If you disagree with a comment that says something is wrong, you should perhaps start a discussion about whether the thing in fact needs to be fixed; you may want to move this discussion the OpenQuestions page, or create a page of its own if the discussion will have lasting value.

If you want to include the word FIXME somewhere where it is not in fact a "fix this" comment, you can use the "nowiki" tag in the middle of the word to prevent it from showing up in the search engine. (See the formatting rules link, above, or simply open up the editor for this page to see how this paragraph was formatted.)