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This is our first prototype of Scootertiller, a project my son and I built in 2004.

The seeds for a project of this sort started for us last summer at a car show where we saw some cool wagons. They weren't motorized, but they were cool designs, and we thought we would try to build something like that. Except we wanted a motorized vehicle (of course). Our original plan was to rig up an engine on a Radio Flyer wagon.

I started looking into engines and go-kart kits and found that such things can be very expensive. We found a Ryobi rototiller and we had a plan to use it to build a powered wagon. We were about to buy a wagon for the purpose when we stumbled into a three-wheeled scooter contraption. We took a look, thought about it, and decided to scoop it up.

We yanked out the front end of the scooter and shoved the rototiller into the vacancy. A few welds here, a few bolts there and viola, Scootertiller!

Scootertiller in final stages of assembly. Just about ready to mount the engine.

My son with the first prototype ready to test.

One more picture while it's still in the shop, before we destroy it.

It works!

I think my kid is the only one on the block with one of these.

Ridden hard and put away wet.