Net Worth

The logical place to begin mapping your finances is to calculate your net worth by adding up all of your assets (the things you own) and subtracting all of your liabilities (what you owe). Use the calculator below to estimate your net worth, or current net estate.

When determining the value of your assets, use the current market value for your assets, not the price you paid for them. Thus, if your house originally cost $60,000 but is now worth $200,000, list its value at $200,000. For some assets, you'll have to estimate the value. It's best to use conservative estimates, especially for household goods that may not have a resale value as high as you'd expect. (You should consider excluding from your net worth calculation any assets that you do not intend to use as a source of income during retirement.)

1. Enter the current market value for the things you own in the asset fields

2. Enter the balance on loans and other debts in the liability categories

3. The net estate or net worth total will change with each amount entered

ASSETS: (current market value)  
Bank accounts and CDs
Money market funds
Stocks: not to include your own business
Real estate: home
Real estate: vacation/rental
Life insurance: cash surrender value
Money due to you: notes
Shares in closely held business
Other business interests
IRA, profit sharing, pension, Keogh
Collections: art, rare coins, etc.
Misc. property: furniture, jewelry, cars, boats, etc.
Auto loans
Other debts